In some instances regional survival is dependent upon Small Scale Mining and satisfying tourist attractions and family recreational activities. 

Such satisfaction will generate tourism, have positive social media coverage, and any increase in fossicker tourism will only be achieved through Government support of declaration legislation and access to areas.

Fossicking & Tourism

Fossicking areas, under declaration, were purposely set aside by Government to promote Regional tourism. Small Scale mining and fossicking activities coexist, and compliment each other, each providing support of Regional businesses and tourism. 

Tourism can only be increased, should there be a Regional Recreational Activity such as fossicking that tourists, families and groups find exciting and satisfying, through anticipation or enjoyment, created by the fossicking activity itself.  Such satisfaction will generate tourism, have positive social media coverage, and any increase in fossicking tourism will only be achieved through Government support of Declaration legislation and access to areas.

Some of the Fossicking Act, 1994, Submission recommendations

The State Government implement a review in order to establish the extent and long term impact upon Small Scale Mining, fossicking, small businesses and Regional tourism, caused by the Governments relinquishment, of over two thirds of the surveyed Restricted Mining area within the Anakie Mineral Field, under the provisions of the Mining (Fossicking) Act, 1985, handed back, and now inaccessible to adjoining grazing concerns.

That State and Local Government, fully support, Section 45, the Fossicking Act, 1994, as amended, providing legislative agreements, over fossicking areas, including  Forestry and Council controlled Reserves, therefore providing long term economic protection and security, for Regional Small Businesses, fossicking, tourism and Communities.

That consideration by given to the introduction of Declaration legislative Standards, in and by which, all past and future introduced Governor on Council Declarations, will be afforded the same respect, compliance and standards, enshrined in such Declarations aim, intent and purpose.

That Sections 28 and 29, of the Fossicking Act, 1994, be repealed, and all General permission Areas, be incorporated and subject to, State / landholder agreements and conditions, under sections 45 and 49, as amended.  This is the most effective and efficient strategy, to provide protection of fossicking areas, support for Small businesses and promotion of Regional tourism.

That Section 16, Land Act, 1994, be amended to ensure all past existing land holder agreements, are legislatively compliant, with the provisions of the Fossicking Act, 1994, as amended.  There are only 5 agreements in existence over the 20 fossicking areas, giving no protection.  Recent amendment, does not apply retrospective.

The QSMC request the State Government gives consideration in providing exemption legislation, across all fossicking areas, preventing any landholder, placing a Biosecurity Management Plan over the declared fossicking areas, thereby effectively closing that fossicking area to fossicking, tourism and small businesses, against the aim, intent and purpose of the Declaration.

The Government  unfortunately has stated there will be no review of the Fossicking Act, 1994, in the foreseeable future, and that the provisions of the Act are serving our interests well !

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