The recent Coaldrake Report - “Let the Sunshine In” focused on ensuring an “ethical and accountable” Queensland public sector which maintains the public's trust in the decisions of the Queensland Government and its public sector agencies. A crucial element in decision making & developing best practice regulation is an effective Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA), now called a Full IAS.

An IAS is a systematic approach to critically assessing the impacts of proposed regulatory policy options and is an integral part of good policy making processes.

The analysis & oversight of this process was recently removed from the independent watchdog “The Office of Best Practice Regulation” (OBPR) and now is conducted by each Department in house, effectively reducing transparency & oversight.

The Policy team within the Department of Resources has to date not openly been seen to have conducted “fair and legitimate,” consultation with Small Scale Mining Representative groups or with small mining communities, nor, to our knowledge, performed a legitimate Regulatory Impact Assessment or Regulatory Impact Statements (IAS) on these Proposed Legislative Enhancements to Mining Claims!

The QSMC now provide you an opportunity via this submission form for you to provide input into the Proposed Legislative Enhancements for Mining Claims.

Thank you!

The QSMC member organisations thank you for taking the time to complete this form which will be forwarded to the Department of Resources and the Parliamentary Committee, The Premier & relevant Opposition Ministers so as to ensure your submission is properly accounted for. 

We would encourage you to complete your own submission as well should the contents of this survey not cater for your complete feedback. 

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The QSMC would like to provide you the opportunity to have your say on the Proposed Legislative changes for Mining Claims.

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