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The QSMC and our members are asking the broader gold, gem and jewellery industry and the people of Queensland to add your voice to our call to the Premier of Queensland for the Support of the State's Small Scale Mining Industries. 

Please fill in the form below and  the QSMC  will send your details with the following submission.

Submission to the Premier of Queensland
for the support of the State's Small Scale Mining Industries

I, the undersigned, personally support the Qld Small Miners Council's (QSMC's) position that the Queensland State Government must take recognisance of the significant decline in production of precious gems and gold across the State.

Given that the Ministers of Mines, The Hon. Anthony Lynham has designated “a low priority" to Small Scale Mining and other current adverse impacts on Small scale miners from overarching legislation from other regulatory Departments, I must support the QSMC request that the Premiers Department takes the lead to review current State-wide Small Scale Mining legislation.

Additionally, I request the Premier of Queensland and Cabinet support the holding of a consultative Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into the Queensland Small Miners Council’s concerns, which are impacting on the production, viability and the future of Small Scale Mining & Fossicking, which have adverse flow on effects to Regional tourism and our Communities.

I support this personal intervention of the Hon. Premier, as a way forward, to ensure mandated streamlined processes are promptly initiated, which will increase investment and production in small scale mining operations in Queensland, so that these historical industries can once again realise their full potential and provide opportunities for investment and employment opportunities in the State.

Given the State’s economic outlook for investment and employment opportunities during this current economic crisis brought about by Covid 19, this required intervention is not only imperative, but of the highest priority!

I look forward to your positive response.


Authorised by Ashleigh Theuerkauf QOMA Inc. 40 Boonkai Street Quilpie 4480