The Future of Queensland Small Scale Mining

If small scale miners throughout the country do not take a stand and collectively act to protect our historic industries, these rights hard won by our forebears will soon be gone forever. 

Small scale mining operators will be regulated out of the mining industry, and relegated to the annals of history with little or any potential for future generations to experience and enjoy the pleasures and investment opportunities that only gem and gold mining and prospecting can afford!

Small scale miners and prospectors, be it for gold, opals or sapphires are being intentionally over-regulated by departmental staff as a means “to our end”, destroying our employment, vocations & hobbies by wilfully executing the “death by a thousand cuts”!

The decline of Gem and Gold producers will continue to diminish the regional communities which are appreciative of investment stimulus that small scale miners invest in these communities and the tourism opportunities which they can attract.

The QSMC therefore look to our members, industry compatriots and the general public to support the Queensland Small Scale Miners so that the future for these Gold and Opal and Sapphire Industries in Queensland is assured!

Please assist and "Act Now" to help "Raise the flag"!

You can help Raise the Flag - support our campaign

"To protect our future and preserve these rights
for future generations to enjoy"


Queensland Sapphire Miners Association Inc


North Queensland Gold Miners Association Inc


Queensland Opal Miners Association Inc


Queensland Boulder Opal Association Inc


Yowah Opal Mining Community Services Inc


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